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Annapurna Food Menu

SHURUWAT - Starter

Soup of the day – please ask our staff.     $48

Momo – Traditional Nepalese dumplings with choice of filling mixed with ginger, garlic, onion and Nepalese spices. Served with home-made Achaar.

Chicken   $56 /  Vegetable   $46  /  Lamb   $58

Pakheta Tareko – Chicken drumstick (4 pieces): deep fried chicken wings marinated in mild spices and topped with fresh coriander sauce.     $58

Aloo Dum – Diced potatoes sautéed with tomato, onion, ginger, coriander and Nepalese spices.     $46

Traditional salad – Aromatic dressing on green pea, tomato, cucumber, radish, carrot, coriander, chilli. Served on a bed of lettuce.      $46

BHOJAN - Classic Nepalese Main Dish

Daal-Bhat-Tarkari – Authentic Nepalese dish with Lentil gravy, steamed rice, choice of Curry.  Served with home-made Achaar. 

Lamb   $138 / Chicken   $128 / Vegetable   $110

Tarkari-Daal-Naan – Authentic Nepalese dish with Lentil gravy, naan, choice of Curry.  Served with home-made Achaar. 

Lamb   $148 / Chicken   $138 / Vegetable   $120

Kukhura Ko Tarkari – Boneless slow cooked chicken cooked with Nepalese spices and herbs.     $98

Khasi Ko Tarkari – Tender lamb cooked with spices and herbs.     $110

Majhi Ko Maccha – Boneless fish cooked with Himali spices in typical Nepali style, flavoured with fresh cilantro.     $120

Fried Noodles – with Nepalese spices

Chicken   $68 / Vegetable   $58

AMA KO KARESABARI KO TIHUN - Vegetable Curry Sautéed

Karesababi Ko Saag – Sautéed leafy vegetables with garlic in village style.     $48

Mismas Tarkari – Cauliflower, carrot, green peas, mushrooms, potato, slow cooked in mild spices and herbs.     $65

Ramtori Ra Aloo Tareko – Fresh okra and potato sautéed in Nepalese spices.     $65

Chyau-Kerau-Ko Tarkari – Sautéed fresh mushrooms and green peas in Nepalese spices.     $65

Kwati (Nine-bean) – Nine different beans slow cooked in mild Nepalese spices and flavoured with fresh cilantro. Festival varieties and very nutritious.      $62

Daal – Well cooked Lentil gravy with Nepalese herbs.      $48

KHURSANI BARI KO TIHUN - Spicy Specialties

Kukhura Khursanima – Fried diced chicken sautéed with diced onion, tomato, capsicum, fresh chilli, coriander and Nepalese spices.     $128

Cauli Aloo Khursanima – Cauliflower, potato, green peas, tomato, onion, capsicum, fresh chilli, sautéed in Nepalese spice.     $98

Jhinge Maccha Khursanima – Crispy prawn sautéed in Nepalese hot spices with tomato, onion, capsicum, fresh chilli and spring onion.      $128


Khasi Ko Sekuwa – Grilled tender pieces of lamb marinated in Nepalese spices and fresh herbs, served with home-made fresh mint sauce.     $128

Kukhura Ko Sekuwa – Grilled tender pieces of chicken marinated in Nepalese spices and coriander, served with typical Nepali tomato-coriander sauce.     $98

Mix Sekuwa (Chicken, Lamb, Garlic Prawn) – Grilled tender pieces of lamb, chicken and prawns marinated in mild Nepalese spices, served with home-made Achaar.     $148

TIPAN-TAPAN - Side Dishes

Steamed rice     $30

Yellow rice     $35

Home-made roti (2 pcs)     $40

Naan  :    Plain   $28  /  Garlic  $33  /  Onion  $33  /  Cheese  $38  /  Butter  $38

GULIYO - Dessert

Khir – Traditional home-made rice pudding.     $45